Knitting and stitching show- Alexander Palace, London

Thank you everyone who came to see at the shows over the summer. Now we are coming into autumn and the perfect time for dusting off the Sewing machine and getting all those UFO’s out and finished.
For a few weeks I have shoe horned in a few days a week at my old job as a Hand Therapist while they are short staffed.
I apologise if you have tried contacting me and haven’t got an answer, I have tried to keep on top of the emails which is the best way to contact me at present. Last week of hospital work this week, as I will be attending the Knitting and Stitching show for the first time at Alexander Palace, London the 11th to the 14th October 2018.
Looking forward to meeting lots of new faces….
See you there.
Love Siân xxx

Beautiful sunsets at the sailing club this weekend, inspiring autumnal colours and quilt ideas….

Home from the Festival of Quilts 2018

Exhausted after a busy Festival, and interesting logistics, 8 people, 2 drivers and 3 vehicles to get home!! It took all Monday to pack up the camper and tents and get everything in the right locations.

A big thank you to my helpers, Gill, Alison, Hannah, Huw, David and Bevis who worked on the stand this year, with lots of enthusiasm and energy. And the lesser spotted, two younger members of the team, Toby and Rhys for their cheeky smiles and decorating the stand with their creations from the excellent children’s workshops.

It was great to meet so many Quilters from New Zealand to Iceland, Canada to Dubai, luckily transglobal couriers ship long items well!!

Some of the competition quilts were stunning and hopefully lots of you found inspiration for your next projects.

After a short break we will be gearing up for the next two shows, The West Country Quilt Show, Bristol – Thursday 30th August until Saturday 1st September 2018 and The Great Northern Quilt Show, Harrogate 31st August until 2nd September.

Hope to see you there.

Best wishes

Siân xx1C332972-88EA-484D-95DF-8C3742A2EDF2BEAA2CF6-8D0D-4344-9696-E3593E5AC09477CE97A2-77E1-4024-8EAA-AD9ABF96EE6AD505A554-8F03-472C-8831-601C8489C126CDA654EE-D98A-48BD-9F9C-21969B18F83630202A79-C9C1-4C01-A772-A26264FE0AB612E571DD-9BF5-436A-9B7E-2A0509C4ACA0

Two weeks until the Festival of Quilts

At Cotton Orchard it is all hands on deck to prepare for the Festival of Quilts which is less than two weeks away. As in previous years, I am working as a Quilt Angel hanging the competition quilts on the Monday and Tuesday.

With the usual crew of myself, Gill and Alison, I have three of my boys, Huw, David and Rhys, and their friends Bevis and Hannah, helping at the show this year.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the festival. Xxx


Charity quilt Alison and I made earlier this year, which I am raffling for the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice.


Thank you For supporting Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice

39613E7C-5BC8-441D-B992-2650419C089C720B0147-C628-4D5E-AE85-13231D3B33623BC38CBC-86DD-45C4-B33D-B9B864AB0E23Thank you to everyone for their support and donations for our Arctic Husky Challenge for Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice, led by Per Tor our ex Norwegian Navy Seal guide and Mike Hammond.
Throughout the whole time in the arctic I had a massive smile, I couldn’t believe I was there and part of such an amazing challenge. Over 260km of truly stunning arctic wilderness we have sledded!!
A trip where shelter, warmth, food, weren’t taken for granted and where running water and toilets were left behind! The strength and will of our spirited huskies couldn’t be underestimated nor the responsibility we were given to manage our own pack of six dogs. Sledding itself is definitely an art for which we had no training; you just had to go with it-and hope.
With snow showers, extreme wind chill, temperatures below -25, blue skies, brilliant sun, and a hint of the northern lights. We ran, scooted and sled with our huskies pulling 150-200kg, flattened our camping area with snow shoes(Helen), put tents up and down having to warm the frozen pole joints, dug toilet area/snow holes and trenches, boiled 10ltrs of water a day on a primus stove, collected water from ice holes, survived dritech food, frozen sandwiches and on our feet from 6am to 8pm.
Apologies Helen and Nicki for trying to get you up at 5am one morning when my clock was on Finland time, hopefully the morning cuppa in bed helped??
Thank you to Helen for inviting me to join her on this adventure. Looking forward to the next one……. what about the North Pole?… it’s only -50 there ………

Last but by no means least we have raised an incredible *£9,400* (and still counting) This is going to make a real difference to the children and families Noah’s Ark supports. Thank you all for your support to help us achieve this amazing total.

Love Siân xxx



New contact number until 17th April.

I will be away and unable to take any calls from Saturday 7th April until 20th April.
Gill has kindly agreed to attempt to deal with any queries while I am in the depths of the Arctic Circle on a fundraising charity challenge.
Her number is 07748883487.

A big thank you to Gill, Alison, Penny and the team for their support, completing the Exeter show and helping with all the logistics.

Happy Quilting

Exeter Quilt Show

Busy day today packing and driving down to Exeter Quilt Show at the Westpoint Show ground.
It takes me back a few years when I trained as an Occupational Therapist here, quite a few changes and a lot more traffic.
I’m on the stand with Gill, David and Rhys, Friday and Saturday morning. I then leave it in their capable hands along with Alison and Penny, while I go up to London, ready to be at Gatwick Airport for 4.25am setting off on my Arctic Challenge fundraiser for Noah’s ark children’s hospice.
Looking forward to seeing lots of the West Country Quilters over the weekend.
Happy Quilting
Siân x

Price Increase For Freestyle Frames!

Unfortunately we have had to become VAT registered since December, I have been absorbing the VAT for a few months but from the 1st of April we will have to increase our prices to reflect the VAT and the rise in material costs. The new prices are available on the website and in our new flyers.

Best Wishes


Next Show Harrogate….

Thank you to all our customers who visited us at the first show of 2018 and a new Grosvernor Show  at Newark.

We found it a great venue (warm!!) and a constant stream of interesting people to talk to, even on Sunday when the snow was making things difficult.

Next show we will be attending is Harrogate at the Great Yorkshire Showground. We are working hard to get frames ready to bring to the event. I was in the workshop today with 6 layers, hat, scarf and gloves just for you!!

I have been told it is good preparation for the Arctic Challenge only 60 days to go.

See you at Harrogate.

Sian xxx

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Winter weather at Cotton Orchard.

I hope you are all enjoying the wintery weather as much as we are. Temperature now reading -6 degrees. It looks beautiful although no good for traveling. Ironically I was meant to have my snow tyres fitted Monday but couldn’t get there.

Yesterday and today couriers and post have not been able to collect or deliver, but we are hopeful that it will start to melt over the next few days as the temperature warms up.

I will contact customer who have emailed orders and let you know when we are accessible again.

Keep safe and warm, perfect weather for quilting!!





Holly practicing pulling a sledge
Holly decide riding was easier
From the kitchen window