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The Freestyle Pro Quilting Frame has been designed to make free motion quilting quick and fun rather than a chore. No more pinning and basting your layers of fabric together, with our frame both layers are held taught with our roller system, allowing each layer to individually tightened allowing your wadding just float in between the two layers. Your sewing machine just sits on a platform that allows you to have 360 movement and those quilts that took weeks can be completed in a matter of hours. Your sewing machine isn’t trapped on the frame and can be easily removed to allow you to go from quilting to sewing in only a matter of minutes.


The frames are easy to assemble and come with a set of detailed instructions explaining how to set up the frame and attach your fabric, in under 30 minutes. It can be taken apart and packed away in even less time meaning that you don`t have to have a designated quilting room, this makes it ideal for people with limited space or to be bought between groups.


The frames come in 5 sizes starting at 1.2m(48”) and going all the way up to 3.0m(120”). All the frames are handmade in our workshop in Herefordshire.

Each frame is made to order and will be ready for couriering or collecting within 4-6 weeks of placing your order.


The available quilting space is about 10″ smaller than your frame size, e.g. a 70″ quilt would need an 80″ frame.

Freestyle Quilting Frame - 2.0 m (80")

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